113-FPMS 44R: Early ripening with superior sugar. Acid levels just below 115 and FPMS 47R.

114-FPMS 47R: Will ripen just after 115. Superior sugar, with acid levels slightly less than that of 115.

115: This may become one of the most widely planted clone in Oregon. Fruit is superior in sugar with medium acid levels.

777: Rapidly becoming the most popular of the Pinot Noir clones. Expect a big, full bodied wine. Fruit is superior in sugar with medium acid levels.


Other Pinot Noir Clones

FPMS 10: Also known as the 'Beba' clone. Good sugar levels with medium acid.

FPMS 29: Also caled the 'Jackson' clone. Medium sugar and acid levels.

FPMS 23: Early ripening with superior sugar levels and just above medium acid.  No longer registered.

FPMS 4 Also known as the 'Pommard' clone. One of the original clones planted in Oregon from the early 70's. A reliable fruit producer with an excellent balance of sugar to acid.

Compare the ripeness of 19 Pint Noir clones as expressed in Sugar, pH, and acid at a typical harvest.


The mother vines planted in our Oregon Certified Increase Block are Registered (R) selections produced by FOUNDATION PLANT  SERVICE of THE  UNIVERSITY of CALIFORNIA at DAVIS.

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